What is Project 516?

Project 516 was birthed out of the needs that we see around us everyday. There are tons of great charities and non profits that have the goals and aspirations to make a difference in this world but don't have the funding and resources to make their dreams come a reality. We sat down one afternoon and were trying to figure out how we as a media company could affect the lives of people in this country and all over the world who would never even see a TV or a computer in their lifetime.

That's where we come in...

Every month we take 10 percent of out total income and we give it away. We believe in being extravagantly generous so this is how it starts. Each year we plan on increasing the percentage that we give. Our vision is that about 50 years from now that we will be able to give away more that 50 percent of our total income each month.

How can I be apart of Project 516?

Each month we will search out different charities and non profits to give to, but WE NEED YOUR HELP! There are so many different organizations out there that we cant possible be aware of them all. By signing up to be on our outreach list you can guarantee that we will know who you are, thus increasing your chances to have your organization picked. Don't be left out of this amazing opportunity.